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    Thanks for your feedback. Sorry you’re having problems. Prediction should show all the time, except in fields like passwords; what I suspect might be happening is if you’re accidentally swiping down, it hides prediction. Re-enable by swiping up on the keyboard. If it’s not this causing it, then it might be the app it’s typing into (some disable prediction and there’s nothing we can do from our end unfortunately), or even the device. Samsung ones are particularly known for not co-operating with other keyboards :-(

    Typo correction should be offered, along with the other predicted suggestions; we mix them all together; we plan to signpost them by displaying them in a different colour, but this isn’t simply to program. If the corrections aren’t appearing, please see in the Settings. Also to keep the number of suggestions manageable, we don’t correct certain kinds of typos – for instance where 2…

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